Fantasy Fridays
I started a series on Tiktok where I draw a fantasy character or creature each week and post the process on Friday.
Week I: Mermaid
In honor of Mermay I wanted to start off a bit easy with a mermaid. I tried to pick a style I thought I would use throughout the series but week two ended up pretty different and I'm not mad about it.
Week II : Jackalope
Someone in the comments of my first video suggested a Jackalope from American folklore.
With this piece I focused much more on mark making and drawing, with a simpler watercolor approach to the coloring. It was meticulous but actually quite enjoyable.
The Jackalope myth started in the 1930s by two brothers who were hunters and taxidermists. Oddly enough Jackalopes actually sport deer antlers as there are no antelopes in North America.
I included wildflowers native to Wyoming (Indian Paintbrush and Fragrant White Sand Verbena) as that's where the Jackalope myth started.
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